Welcome folks to another Network Marketing interview. Its been fun interacting with some of the best minds in the business. These interview series is like network marketing tips for all newbie & even experience network marketing professionals.

I am loving interviewing some of the best mlm leaders. Getting so much to learn from years of experience of others. In case you missed previous interviews you can check them here.

Today I am highly excited to interview the veteran network marketing leader, in fact his age is just 27 years 😉 but he has over 6 years of experience into network marketing industry.

And he is the one from whom I learnt the basics of the business for the first time. He has always been a great help for me as well as for others. I am fortunate enough to be in his company & share such a strong bond with him 😀

It seems this Interview will be like bunch of best Network Marketing Tips one can get 😀

Lets start. Dear Sharat, Welcome to VineetGupta.net!

1. Please introduce yourself to our audience?

Hey Thanks Vineet!

Hello everyone 🙂 My Name is Sharat Chandran. I am from a beautiful place called Kerala (Gods Own Country). I came to Delhi because of my Dad’s Job Posting. He was in CRPF. So its been more than 20 years in Delhi.

So technically Delhi is my Home. I did my Education from a reputed school, I was a science student and you know every science student’s dream is to get into IIT’s, DCE and all. But no Chance 😉 haha.Went to Delhi University, took B.Sc. 🙂

I always wanted to do something different, something challenging. Never wanted to go for a Full Time job all though I gave interview for call center during my college vacations which did not work. 😛

My search was on!!! Finally Got in Network Marketing through a friend, jumped into the Opportunity 🙂 It was Network Marketing.

2.  Sounds good. So in your words what is Network Marketing & How exactly you come into Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is purely a business, people should take it as a business. Its just another great way to promote Products/Services and here a common man with little investment can make good money. With that you also improve your management skills, communication skills, etc.

I came into Network Marketing through one of my College friend. She did prospecting first and qualified me, there was enough Curiosity to know about the Plan. After Show the plan I arranged money from my friends and I signed up the very next day.

Network marketing list building

3. And what is YOUR REASON to do Network Marketing business?

Haha, it keeps on changing. Mainly for Time Freedom & Financial Freedom and I don’t want to drive in that RUSH HOUR where you are held up for hours, you are already tired before reaching your office. 😛

4. LOL, I can understand 😉 What you will suggest to people who have just started with Network Marketing?

Take it as a Business, don’t think this is a Get Rich Quick Scheme! Things will take time, you will make mistakes, learn from it.

Follow your leaders because they have been on this path earlier, they know where the hole is. Keep your goal realistic according to your time and effort.

5. I am glad bro interviewing you is like collection of best network marketing tips. OK, tell us about Lead Generation in Network Marketing, many people face difficulty in it. How do you generate leads for network marketing business?

Yes off course, this was my Biggest Challenge. Lead generation is continuous process, you have to talk to people, make them your acquaintance and prospect them.

My experience says every day you must add 3 names to your list and start building rapport and prospect them.

Prospecting & Lead Generation tips

6. Here’s an important question: How do you manage to keep yourself & your Team Motivated?

Haha, when your work becomes your hobby or passion then you are always motivated and your team follows it because Network Marketing is all about duplication. Monkey see monkey do. You are the Captain of your team. They are watching you closely so better watch yourself 🙂

7. Hmm, Sharat tell us, how People react when they know you are into Network Marketing?

OHHH, that chain thing does that work???

My dad’s friend’s son’s friend did that, I think he is not making money any more 🙂 haha, many people will react like this, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter.

Advice and reaction are free of cost. People love giving that, they will pull you down and moreover they don’t have any knowledge about the Industry. They are followers not leaders!

Some people will be there who will motivate you and some will be there to demotivate. Both are Important.

All you want to know is why network marketing is Important?

8. I am counting on MLM tips you are giving 🙂 Sharat, can Network Marketing really change someone`s life?

Absolutely YESS!!! In a positive way also and negative way also.

If I talk about Positive sides : You are completely different person altogether. Your way of thinking changes, you are more confident about life, you are always high with Spirits.

You have Time freedom to spend it with your family, you have Huge money coming in every week,
Lots of Changes BUT…..

Why I said negative changes because some people join Network Marketing full time, they lack daily schedule, they become lazy, then it becomes a habit. ”Boom Gone”. Back to the pavilion.

So If you have joined Network Marketing don’t pass time. Only attending seminars will not give you money although network marketing seminars are Very Important but with that you need to do the Productive work to get actual results.

Productive Work means : Prospecting, Building List, Invitation , Show the Plans, Follow Ups, Giving Basic Training

9. So true! What do you do when you aren’t doing business?

Reading books, Watching Movies, Hanging out with friends, playing video games. It think you should recharge your mind also. 🙂

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10. Golder Question: Any Secret Tip or Message you like to share to help fellow Network Marketers?

Yup Very Important

Network Marketers spend a lot of money here and there. They tend to overspend so here is Tip- Maintain 3 accounts:

1) Saving Account – Save at least 20-30 % of your income because this is the only money which will help you in Emergency.

2) Re- investment Account – 40% of the income goes in Re investing in your Network Marketing Business.

3) Investment Account : Invest at least 20% anywhere like Gold, Silver (depending upon the Income)

And if you are earning good Do some Charity also 🙂

Because As I said earlier TAKE IS AS PURE BUSINESS.

Awesome! Thanks a ton Sharat for sharing so many MLM Tips 🙂

I am sure everyone out here must have learnt so much with this interview of yours. Its like learning exactly from the ground level experience of an experienced network marketing professional.

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Thanks again Sharat for being here, I’ll also note these network marketing tips 😉 It will surely help me.

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They will learn so much reading this Interview, which probably they won’t learn in next 6 months doing the business!

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