After seeing Network Marketing business opportunity many people feel it’s a business where they can make loads of money easily & in quick time. But they tend to forget the kind of hard work & dedication successful people had put in building the business. They don’t know that there are different stages in business, a networker goes through lot many things before getting success.

What I am going to share may sound weird & crazy but that’s how the network marketing business opportunity shapes up & people get super successful after going through following stages in the business, here we GO..

4 Different stages in business of network marketing

Ist Year: Mad Work (Learning & Recruiting)

Stages in Business - Mad Work

When you get started with network marketing business opportunity, among the 4 stages in the business, the first one is – Going All Out & taking MA$$IVE ACTION!!

This is the time when you are full on charged, excitement is high. After joining immediately take the necessary trainings & start prospecting, do the invitation process, show the business opportunity to as many people as you can. Do the things systematically & don’t bother much who is joining with you & who’s not. Do the follow up, train people who get started with you.

Then ask your teammates to do same & help them. But you should not stop at all, because when your team see’s you working madly even they do the same. It’s the business of Duplication, among the 4 stages in business Stage I is crucial. Because it is during this stage you learn the business & understand how network marketing business works. It takes almost an year for a new person to understand exactly the science behind the business.

IInd Year: Hard Work (Team building & Supporting them)

Stages in Business - Hard Work

Now that you have seen the initial phase in the network marketing business opportunity, the second year brings you the different challenge. This is the time when you come to know who all teammates who joined with you last year are going to move forwards with you. As law of average works everywhere same is the case in this industry. Although your learning is a continuous process but now you have good understanding about the business, now is the time for you to build a strong team.

In this phase your role is to build a team & train them so that soon they get converted into a Leader. To do this you need to spend time with them, you need to educate them about the business opportunity & give them ample knowledge about network marketing industry. You need to show the presentation to the prospects your teammates bring, do their follow up & even give proper training once they join. This stage helps you become a strong leader & gives you high confidence that you can successfully do the business anywhere in the world.

IIIrd Year: Smart Work (Leadership development & Counselling)

Stages in Business - Smart Work

Now you have people in your team who are willing to do the business at the big level, people who are experienced in the business & some of them know how to do the business successfully. During this stage your role is to develop leadership among your team & bring out the best in them.

You need to see how your teammates can produce maximum & best results. Sometimes you need to motivate & inspire few people, some people might have questions & queries in their mind which is holding them back. You need to council them so that they can work & go for their Dreams. At this stage you even organize seminars for your own team. Your maximum time must be utilized working with your own team. The logic is to convert your teammates into a Leader & let them do the work at the ground level, because this is the only way they will learn the business.

IVth Year: No Work 😉

Stages in Business - No Work

Among different stages in business, this is the best one 😛

By this time you have many leaders in your team who are capable of looking after their teams. You are almost financially free person, you can enjoy your life & spend the time where ever you like.

You only need to make sure the activities of the business are happening. You need not to worry about invitations, presentation, follow ups & trainings. You have big leaders in your team who are capable of successfully handling it.

You will be only coming for network marketing business opportunity big seminars, speak there for few minutes, spend some good time with your team & go.

Here’s a MUST WATCH VIDEO that explains what this article meant

To Conclude

Network marketing is the beautiful industry where if you give it 3 – 4 years your life would completely change. Definitely initially you need to understand the business, learn how it works. You need to find like minded people, teach them the business, then again support them, work with them & once you have people in your team who are hungry for success & have learnt the business, you are a financially free person.

These stages in business, is like a roller coaster ride, if you face the challenges & keep moving forward with your business opportunity you can completely transform your life.

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