So you also want to know how you can get network marketing success. You are not the only one. In my half a decade of experience of NETWORK MARKETING, I have been asked this question several times.

So many people come up to me to ask this Golden question: How to Succeed in Network Marketing? I thought to write an in-depth tutorial on it so that it helps people like you to get right direction.

Also make sure along with what you will learn in this tutorial, you also spend some time daily reading few Network Marketing Books, that will take your knowledge to next level & help you get network marketing success.

Note: If you follow the Exact Method told in this network marketing training tutorial, you can see your Income growing by 2x in next 3 Months!

Ultimate Guide for your Network Marketing Success

I have seen most people after getting into network marketing they complicate the things too much. Always remember it’s good to experiment & try different things but following the Basic will always be the key to Success. You can try out with different things, but don’t deviate from the Basics.

Alright so here’s what you need to follow:

Step # 1 : Define Your Network Marketing Goals – Why have your Joined NETWORK MARKETING business?

This is the most crucial question you need to answer yourself before getting started. If you have no idea why you are doing the business, then you need to stop immediately & CLEAR your WHY! WHY you are doing NETWORK MARKETING Business? What you want to Achieve?

If your WHY is not clear, then it’s like, you sat in a Car, but you have no idea where you want to go. Surely you will not reach anywhere!

98% Networkers are not able to answer this question. Ask yourself – What is your Goal from NETWORK MARKETING in next 30 Days? I am sure you won’t be able to answer it in less than 10 seconds.

If you are not able to answer this question, then you should forget about network marketing success. You should first need to make it very clear what you want to achieve from network marketing business.

In the above question, why I asked 30 Days? Because it’s important to have Short Term Goals.

Network Marketing Training Mantra – Divide your Goals like:

Short Term Goals: What you want to achieve in next 6 months?

Mid Term Goals: What you want to achieve in next 3 years from now?

Long Term Goals: What you want to achieve in next 5 years from now?

It’s mandatory to divide your Goals in Short, Mid & Long Term.

I will in fact I will suggest you to have weekly Goals, decide for every week what you want to Achieve. Then how much Prospecting, Invitations, Plan Shows, Follow Ups, and Trainings you need to do. Doing this will surely make your week Productive & you will see your Income raising.

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While setting your NETWORK MARKETING Goals also Follow SMART Approach:

S: SPECIFIC – Be very SPECIFIC about what exactly is your Goal. For example if you wish to have a Car, then Which Car? What Model? What Color? And so on…

M: MEASURABLE – You must be able to MEASURE how much business you need to generate to get that Car.

A: ACHIEVABLE – You should keep appropriate Goal to ACHIEVE your Car. It should not be like you keep a Goal to get a Car in 7 weeks (unless there is some Promotion in your company)

R: REALISTIC – Your Goal should be REALISTIC. It should exist. I mean you cannot keep a Goal to drive a Car in another Planet, lol 😛

T: TIME BOUND – It’s very important for your Goal to be TIME BOUND. You must know by which Date you want to get your Car. Most people don’t have Date in front of their Goals & they never achieve it.

Another Tip: Do have a Vision Board somewhere in your house, so that you are able to VISUALIZE your Goal every day.

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Step # 2 : Building your Network Marketing Contact List – This is a Gold Mine for your Business

Before you start thinking about Name of people in your Contact List, there is a Golden Rule to building your Contact List – “NEVER EVER PREJUDGE ANYONE”

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The Biggest mistake people do when building their Contact list is – They Prejudge if a person will join or not! They leave out many names of their friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. thinking they will never join the business. This is a big blunder that you can do for your business.

You cannot Judge at all if the other person will join or not. It happened many times whenever I felt this person will join, in most cases that person has not joined the business. I also did the mistake to prejudge my people, and some of unexpected people also joined. How to succeed in network marketing when you make such mistakes? It’s not possible!

Contact List is you Raw Material for your network marketing success, you want it as much as possible. You need not to reduce it to the limit. Also do Regular Prospecting to increase your contact list.

Step # 3 : Inviting your Prospects for NETWORK MARKETING Business Presentation

Once you have your Contact List, next the very crucial part in network marketing training is you should learn how to invite prospects. As you need to invite the Prospects on the list so that you are able to show them the Presentation. Before inviting you need to know few things like: Date, Time, Venue where presentation is happening.

It’s recommended to know 2-3 presentation slots before talking to prospects, so that in case your prospect in busy or cannot attend in a slot, you can give him another option then & there, during that very conversation.

Key points to Remember while Inviting prospects for Network Marketing business Opportunity

1) Invite prospect using Phone & not Face to Face – because in face to face invitation prospects try to get more & more information from you. You can avoid this situation while inviting on phone.

2) Don’t give too much information during Invitation – Give as much less information possible during invitation. More information will lead to more questions from prospect. Just invite like:

Network Marketing Invitation Pitch / Demo

Hey ABC,

I am bit in hurry as of now, but it’s important to share with you that these days I am working on a Project with a MNC that’s expanding in a big way in our country. I am in the process of short listing 2-3 key people for expansion.

I know you might have few questions but as I said I am in hurry, also I don’t wish to give half information, will meet & discuss the things in much better way.

Let me know when you can take out the time? (give 2 time choices, like: Thursday at 7 pm or Saturday at 9 pm).

Cool. This is the venue, see you there. Be there sharp on time! C ya, bbye 🙂

This simple pitch will help you invite prospect without revealing much information.

3) Maintain Curiosity – As you can feel from the above conversation prospect will be curious to know what exactly you have found & what you want to share. This will increase turn up ratio for the presentation.

4) Keep your Pride – Don’t beg your prospect to come to see the presentation. This way they will never come. Even if they turn up, most of them won’t join as the initial approach gave them the indication that you need them more than they need the opportunity. Learn how to maintain your Posture & not lose your Price & Prospect.

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I hope by now you are getting a fair idea about how to succeed in network marketing 🙂

Step # 4 : NETWORK MARKETING Business Presentation – Showcase your NETWORK MARKETING Opportunity to your Prospect

Once your Prospect has reached the venue to see the NETWORK MARKETING Business Presentation, make sure you do what is required, rather than spoiling the scene. I am saying so because I see many people create an odd scene during NETWORK MARKETING business presentations. They don’t know what to do.

Follow these simple steps to ensure Presentation goes well for you:

1) Once Prospect reaches, greet him, ask him if he found any difficulty to reach. Offer him water.

2) If required, ask your prospect to wait for few minutes till the time things are arranged (Although everything should be ready before time. You must Value your prospects time).

3) If the prospect is a very well known to you, then introduce your upline & it will be better your upline shows the NETWORK MARKETING business presentation.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you want higher chances of Sign Up, Edify your Upline! You can Read More Here about giving Effect Presentation & Edification.

4) Sit with your Prospect while your Upline or anyone else is giving the Presentation & keep making Notes so that prospect senses the value of what is being shared.

5) Don’t create nuisance during presentation. Keep a good ambiance.

Read Here detailed NETWORK MARKETING Business Presentation tricks to Sign Up your friends & strangers!

Step # 5 : Closing, NETWORK MARKETING Objection Handling & Follow Up – Now is the convincing time 😛

Just kidding! I don’t do that, neither you should. Don’t Convince, only Share. After the presentation is over, you need to be with your prospect & ensure all his doubts & queries get solved before he leaves the venue. Try if he joins on the spot, else take the time for next meeting so that you can follow up.

For the second meeting in most cases you need to meet the prospect at his residence, office, or coffee shop near by his place. Chances are less that he will come to you, you need to reach out to him, if you want to sign up him in your team.

Important NETWORK MARKETING Closing Tips:

1) Always ask Open ended questions. Like- what you like the most? Products or Plan or Both?

Don’t be a fool asking – Did you like what you saw? If prospect say NO, then what 😛

2) If required again introduce your upline to the prospect so that his doubts can be cleared.

3) If required, make your prospect meet with other successful leaders so that they can share their Testimonial story with the prospect.

4) Ensure the prospect doesn’t feels that you are desperate to get him enrolled. Rather be cool from outside & never reflect you need him. But you should be desperate from inside, not outside.

5) You must LISTEN to the prospect very carefully when he is asking questions & during the conversation. By paying full attention you will learn what exactly is bothering your prospect.

May be he has money issue, may be he is not trusting the industry or the company, or any other reason. You will only find out & give the solution if you are very attentive.

One of the Best Book You Should Read to Learn MLM Objection Handling – Questions are the Answers

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Important NETWORK MARKETING Follow Up Tips:

You need to Follow Up in NETWORK MARKETING business when the prospect has not joined on the spot.

1) Fix a meeting at the time when prospect has not joined & is leaving after seeing the presentation.

2) Give some Book, DVD, or any other thing to prospect as a Follow Up tool so that you have a reason to meet the prospect again & prospect can also not avoid in such situations.

3) Once you meet the prospect, depending on the situation you can Act or React!

4) If Prospect if defensive, provoke him & show him you don’t need him. Rather he needs the opportunity more. Tell him clearly he can only fulfill his Dreams from the opportunity.

5) If Prospect is having any questions resolve them, may be you have to show the presentation in brief once again.

6) Show him the power of POSITIONING. Tell him if he joins early he may get some benefit. He may get some people in his team from your support. But don’t make any false commitments.

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Whatever I have shared above are the Basics of the business to get network marketing success. There is no discount for you in network marketing training if you wish to grow your business. I would like to repeat this again as I have to do in many articles – The Business won’t work, until you work!

If you wish to guarantee your Success in Network Marketing industry, then here are some of the highly recommended books by top earners in the industry. These are MUST READ NETWORK MARKETING BOOKS!

The above mentioned techniques are the proven success formula to succeed. You just need to FOLLOW it. Reading only won’t help. I hope by now you must have a very clear idea on to how to succeed in network marketing 😀

Still if any one required more information & convincing about NETWORK MARKETING business, then Watch this Video, understand it properly & give a Perfect Solution to your prospects

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