So you also want to know how to Generate Mlm leads? LOL 😉 You are not the only one. Tons of people ask about mlm lead generation so that they have ample home based business leads.

Today I am going to share the exact strategy which I use to generate endless flow of Mlm leads. Sometimes I get so many leads that I need to stop the promotions or I get tired sharing the leads with my team 😉 Just kidding, I don’t get tired doing Network Marketing, Haha 😀

So, What I am doing for MLM Lead Generation?

Now without wasting any more time, following are the proven techniques to build your Network Marketing Contact List & Generate Mlm leads. I will also touch base with few basic & obvious methods so that if anyone new to Network Marketing can also learn about those basic methods. If you are already a Pro, you can check other methods in the list 😉

4 Methods I use to Generate MLM Leads

Trick # 1 : Writing Names of All People you know till date


You must be thinking I am crazy telling you that mlm lead generation can be done by writing your own Contact List name. Let me prove you that I am right in doing so.

Every time I meet my team mates or any other person in network marketing industry & if we are talking about Contact List, there is 1 Big Blunder everyone does or I should say 2 Big Blunders.

1st is they don’t make their Contact List, they tell me they have Names of their prospects in their Mobile phone, Emails, Facebook, etc.

2nd they PRE JUDGE their prospects if that prospect will join or not. Now this is totally crap, you deciding for others if they need an opportunity to make more cash or not! Let them decide for God’s sake, you just share the opportunity!

If you have ever made Contact List in a proper manner, you must have noticed that when you start putting your mind to work, you recall so many names which you would have not recalled if you would not had made the list.

The point is when you start making your Contact List, let say in a Register; you end up writing 4 times more name which you would have missed otherwise.

Trick # 2 : Talking to people & Prospecting them for MLM Opportunity


I see sometimes people make things complicated in network marketing business. Talking to people & prospecting them is the very basic step everyone must follow to generate leads for your business.

We meet so many people every day, we can initiate a conversation whenever we like & generate tons of mlm leads everyday using this method. This is one of the best method to generate home based business leads.

Prospecting is a technique where you initiate the talks about your network marketing business opportunity with the prospect for the first time. You don’t reveal much about the opportunity in this very initial stage.

In fact you give very little brief to the prospect & the objective is to check if it’s the right time to share the opportunity with this prospect? You can use one of the pitches I use sometimes:

Hey ABC,

Buddy, recently I have started working on a project with a MNC. We are into so & so, products/services & I’m looking for few key people for business expansion. Let me know if you are interested. We shall catch up for an hour or two to discuss the things in details.


This simple pitch can help you prospect & generate the curiosity with any prospect.

NOTE: In the first interaction for the business opportunity with the prospect, you should not discuss much about the Company, Products or Plan. Else the prospect will lose the compelling reason to come to see the opportunity, as you have already revealed the core components of your business.

Trick # 3 : Posting in Local Classified websites about your MLM business opportunity


This has worked like anything for me. I am from India & I tried out my hand on some of the top (free) classified website. Initially I was not getting much success when I started posting 1 or 2 ads.

There after somehow I kept on posting ads like 3-5 ads weekly on classified website. And within couple of months I found I am really getting too many calls, messages, and emails from people who are interested in business opportunity.

What I exactly did was:

I tested on approximately 8-10 free Indian classified website to find out from where I can get the response. Finally I found 4 website that gave decent response.

Almost every alternative day I use to make 2 Advertisements with catchy Title & Description. And I use to copy & paste the same Advertisement in those entire 4 website. This way I was posting 2×4 = 8 Advertisements every alternative days.

NOTE: Surely some of your Advertisements will not be accepted by the classified website, for any reason. But don’t worry; just rephrase the Advertisement & Submit again.

This way I had many different advertisements on 4 classified websites which are famous in India. And I started getting too much mlm leads for my business. I also taught same to my team & others as well. They also found it pretty useful method for generating home based business leads.

Note 2: This strategy only worked for people who were consistent for a month in posting Advertisements. If you post 5-10 Advertisements over a month & expect too many leads, then it might not happen.

Advisable mlm lead generation tip would be to post atleast 3-5 ad weekly on 3-5 different classified websites.

Trick # 4 : Using Web 2.0 for generating Home based business leads


Being fond of Internet Marketing has also helped me in a way as I was able to leverage upon the various social networking platforms which are there around.

Today I cannot recall properly 😉 but probably I started with a Facebook page first then my own Blog. Where I share some high quality content to help out fellow network marketing professionals. And also the content to attract more people who are online.

Click Here to Read: How I used Attraction Marketing with Internet Marketing for my MLM Business?

I believe with Millions of people online, the only thing you need to know is where your Audience is & then focus & target on that particular platform. Else you will get lost & reach nowhere, because when you begin you cannot focus on all social networking platforms at one go.

Make sure to have very attractive social profiles. Use your own image, share some personal life stuff (not too personal although ;)) Doing this will make it easy for your audience to connect with you. They will feel they are connected with a real person. Start with Facebook Marketing!

This has helped me a lot in building good trust & authority on various social networks. Also you must build a good Relations & Rapport with people before pitching them about your opportunity. And obviously it also helps in mlm lead generation 😉

You can easily make 5-10 friends every day from any location. Rest it will depend on how well you manage to connect with them. If you understand the science of using social networks, using this platform itself you can get somewhat 3-5 Sign Ups every month quite easily.

Here’s how you can also generate mlm leads using Facebook – Show Me!

Trick # 5 : Using Paid methods if you wish, like – Newspaper Ads, Bulk SMS, etc.


I guess you heard the famous quote by Robert Kiyosaki – “Most people fail in the business, because the fail to reinvest in the business”.

(By the way Robert Kiyosaki is a Champion writer for MLM industry, you must red some of his books)

It’s very true. If you wish to grow your business, you need to put in money. If you feel the above given methods are not working for you or you don’t have that much time to generate leads or you want to generate mlm leads fast, then using Paid method is a good option.

You have various options like giving an Advertisement in local Newspaper, sending Bulk SMS or even Bulk Whats App messages, Email Marketing to targeted audience, Pay Per Click, are some of the mediums you can go with. Check out more methods of lead generation.

I would suggest getting started with giving Advertisement in Newspaper, as it’s not very costly & something which is also trusted among people, when they see some information or offer in newspaper they tend to take it more seriously.


So for now, this is all about the methods I use to generate mlm leads for my business. For me these methods have worked really well. I hope it works for you as well. Only 1 thing I would like to strongly suggest is- stick to whatever method you like for at least 20 days – 30 days.

Don’t expect results in 7 days – 10 days, work on the method you choose from above, optimize it, work on it, have some patience & it should work for you as well.

Once you learn about Lead Generation here’s what you should know next:

I would love to know in the comments below – If you are already using any of the above method? Or any other methods you use for mlm leads generation which you like to share to help the audience.

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