Are you the one who think that you cannot succeed or you are struggling in Network Marketing because you don’t have that skill, that personality, you lack in communication, blab blab …

Then let me tell you straight on you face, even if you have all this stuff but if your DREAM is not strong enough, if your reason is not COMPELLING you to go all out and give your best, if your not having that BURNING DESIRE to achieve your DREAM, my friend even having all the skill, personality, etc. etc. wont help you in succeeding in this industry. Your REASON, Your DREAM, Your GOAL should be Crystal Clear. There should be a Fire inside you to light you up to achieve what you have decided.

Here’s a small story that will through more light on What is Burning Desire

A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful enemy, whose men out-numbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to enemy’s country, unloads soldiers and equipment, then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing his men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice- We Win or We Perish”

They WON.

Every Person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so one can be assure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win, essential to success.

Always remember “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish” and if you have that Burning Desire within you which pushes you to reach out for your Goals then there’s nothing that can stop you.

Don’t let temporary defeats bog you down. The most successful people today in the industry faced many challenges, had even faced temporary defeats but they never quit, you know WHY? Because they had a Burning Desire to go for their Dreams and Achieve them.