Till date you might have searched for so many questions, you might have searched for answers to many questions, now here’s the Billion Dollar Question –

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While reading this you might be wonderful will your search to be Rich will fulfill & end here or not. You might be trying & even working hard most of your life to become Rich, but might not have gained many results. You may think it’s all about Luck. My friend the PLATFORM MATTERS!! You need right platform to Succeed & become Rich. If you are working very very hard, day night you are putting efforts but you are not getting major results, the possibility is you are not putting your energy at the right place.

Let’s Analyze what are the ways to make Money:


1.      Working for someone else, i.e., JOB


Today maximum people in the world are driving the vehicle called “Job”. Where they simply trade their Time & Skill in return of some fixed amount, called Salary.

2.      Self Employed


People like Lawyers, Engineers, Charted Accountants, grocery shop owners, people owning a showroom of some branded company come under the category of “Self Employed”. People in this category have got involved into something of their own to make their living.

3.      Business (where 100’s of people are working for You)


Firstly it’s important to understand that there’s a major difference in being “Self Employed” & having a “Business”. Generally in our society even if someone opens a small shop, they call it they are doing a Business. The difference between being “Self Employed” & having a “Business” is, if your work cannot flourish in your absence then you are “Self Employed”, whereas, in “Business” your physical presence is not required. Even when you are not there your business will flourish. Simply because you have a SYSTEM in place, where hundreds or even thousands of people are working & you are LEVERAGING on their Time & Skills.

4.      Investor


These are the people who simply invest Big Amounts & make Money in return. Here we will not consider seasonal small investors. These people simply have money working for them, rather than they work for it.

You must be having the same question & looking for the answer to it, i.e., HOW A COMMON PERSON CAN BECOME RICH??

Just before getting into that it’s important for you to understand why you cannot become Rich through a JOB or SELF EMPLOYED profession:

When your income is dependent on your efforts, the Income Formula for YOU is:

INCOME = Skill x Time

Where Skill & Time both are always LIMITED for an individual, because an individual can never acquire all the Skills available in the market, secondly for an individual it’s impossible to work more than 24 hours in a day, as God has only made 24 hours in a day. Hence this limits the capability of an individual to make UNLIMITED Income working alone.

After reading & realizing the Fact above that it’s not possible to become Rich working alone for a common man, and a common man like you & so many other out there doesn’t hold the capacity to go for Option number 3 or 4(mentioned above), i.e., to do a Big Business or become a Big Investor, you may feel sad or think that there is almost no option for you to become Rich. But stay Happy 🙂 Here’s what I will say:


How? Let me come to the point now!

As we have seen a common man cannot become Rich from a Job or Self Employed profession & doesn’t hold the capacity to start big scale Business or become big Investor, now here my friend comes the mind blowing industry called NETWORK MARKETING.

Mr.Robert Kiyosaki, one of the top financial advisor in the world says: “If a common person wants to be Financially Free & become Rich, there is no other way out for him, he has to get into Network Marketing business”.

Yes, my friend, this is The Industry, which can definitely help a Common Man Become Rich.

Some Facts & Figures about Network Marketing industry:

  • Its 200 Billion Dollar industry
  • 37% of GDP of U.S.A. comes from this industry
  • This industry has spread in over 100 countries as of date
  • This industry has produced highest number of Millionaires woldwide
  • Recession proof industry
  • People like Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump endorse this industry

I don’t know if you had heard about this industry before or not or how much you know about this industry. The fact is people all around the world are changing their life through this powerful industry. To me it’s very simply & somewhat I feel it’s common sense thing to understand that to become Rich anyone need a SYSTEM in place, where in hundreds and thousands of people are working for you.

And as it’s not possible for a common man to build that set up, Network Marketing helps us in that in a massive way. Just by subscribing to the products or services offered by a network marketing company, which are affordable, you can become part of it & more importantly build a BIG NETWORK / SYSTEM, where after initial effort, people will work & even in your absence business will not stop & you will make big money & hence become financially free & Rich 🙂

Network marketing works on similar principal using which all big business houses generate loads of money & that principal is: LEVERAGE, i.e., compounding Time, Skill & Effort of other people. The best part is in Network marketing you don’t need to pay salary to anyone. People work for themselves but the system is so beautifully designed that other as well get the benefit. It’s all about Team Work.

Alternative to Network Marketing »»» INTERNET MARKETING!

Yes, you read it right!

People who are not able to Succeed with Network Marketing always ask me for various other ways to earn money online or offline.

Nothing better than having a Passive Source of Income by working from home. Sounds too good to be true?

Let me honestly, nothing is easy or cake walk. Please put some time in LEARNING and surely you will see results.

You can visit this Blog and start learning about Internet Marketing. I will also share some important information about how to succeed with Internet Marketing, so stay tuned 🙂


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To Conclude

I would just like to say, if you want to live the Dream life you had always wanted to live, don’t wait or think much, just get involved in a good network marketing opportunity or start Blogging as a part-time career. Work with that opportunity for at least 3-5 years, learn, have patience(don’t take it as a get rich quick scheme) & you will definitely become Financially Free & Rich.

My Best Wishes are with YOU for Happy & $ucce$$ful Life 🙂

Buy Web Hosting and Start Blogging 🙂


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