Personal Growth in Network Marketing

Today when I see my journey in Network Marketing industry, one of the best gift which I have got is Personal Growth. Most of the people who are new to this industry or have just heard about this industry cannot realize the benefits it can give to an individual, apart from money. Even when I joined this industry I also felt that money will be the only reason for which I will be working and will be getting.

But today few years down the line when I see myself as a person who was not able to speak in front of few people, today can handle a stage surrounded by thousands. Obviously it doesn’t happen in a day or two, there’s hardwork and dedication of day after day, week after week, month after month.

How a person Grows in Network Marketing

Meeting People

Well as mentioned above it’s a gradual process. In this industry we deal with People, we meet people everyday, people of all ages, profession, class, religion, positive people, negative people, I should say we meet people from all walks of life. When you interact with every kind of person on day to day basic then you tend to develop a skill within you which helps you understand people, their thinking and mentality.

Mind Set

If you are mentally fit, half the battle is already won. Today when you look around it seems almost every individual is passing on the negative vibes. Through “negative vibes” I mean most of the time they are talking and thinking about some or the other problem or issue. In this competitive and fast moving world people attract so much of useless negative energies towards them.

One of the important aspect to succeed is to have right Mind Set. I remember when I got started in Network Marketing industry the kind if mindset I had that time and I have today. There’s a VERY HUGE difference in it. Earlier as most of us think, I also use to think in the limit stuff, to limit everything, curb and kill the Dreams and all compromises …. Its not the case anymore, thanks to this wonderful industry which has taught me and shown the way how to reach out for each and everything a Man can desire.

Stage Fear

Very successful people from respective fields fail when it comes to SPEAKING in front of hundreds and thousands of people. I think it’s a human nature to get nervous when we can so many eye balls focusing on us 😉

Here I will include few activities which are part of our business and are natural, to name them – Presentation, Master of Ceremony (M.C.), Testimonials. Now to start with when you share the business opportunity with even 1 or 2 people, gives you the confidence required. Doing it consecutive times soon you get the confidence to face hundred and thousand of people. Same with Master of Ceremony and Testimonials where you come in front of many people, do the talking and share your experience. This not only removes the Stage Fear but also develops you personality to a great extent.

Positive attitude and Common Goal

Always talking rubbish is a habit, likewise always thinking Positive is also a habit. It’s the atmosphere which is created when people who are always positive and are having common goal meet. I can bet on this, you can visit the office, business opportunity meeting, of any good network marketing company, there you will Definitely get Positive Vibes, because there people are always positive and all are working towards a common goal, i.e. FREEDOM.

Books and Video’s

Like many other’s before getting into this industry I hated reading books. Even when I got into Network Marketing and people recommended me some books I was like arghhh, I don’t like reading them. But today I see the contribution they have made in my life. There are some amazing books that you can read and gain so very much that I cannot describe it in words. And of course Video’s has its own place in influencing any aspect of our life. There are so many good video both motivational and informative which helps in Self Development.

To conclude I would strongly recommend you to get into a good Network Marketing company, not for the sake of money, although this could be your primary motive, but you should definitely give it a shot and see the difference it brings in your personality within few months. You will be a totally changed person, people around you will let you know the change they are seeing in you, your thinking, your behavior, your way of talking, way of dressing, and the list continues, …. etc. etc. That day remember me and if possible do let me know how the life has changed for you. And that will be a Change for a Better tomorrow.


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