As promised in my last article, today I will share the Secret closing techniques I use  & this article will surely give answer to your query – “How to Increase Sales in Network Marketing”. In case you haven’t yet read the last article, Read Here: How to Give Effective Presentation.

Before getting into Closing Techniques I use, I want you to know that there’s a difference between Closing & Follow Up. “Closing” is done immediately after the prospect has seen the business presentation. And “Follow Up” is done once prospect has left without joining & the meeting after business presentation is called Follow Up.

How to Increase Sales in Network Marketing? – Closing Techniques I Use

  • The first question I ask after the presentation is over – “What do you like most – Products or Income?”
  • Whatever prospect likes most from Products or Income, I appreciate same & add few more positive pointers about same.
  • Before making your prospect meet with your upline, Edify your upline & let him close the deal, don’t jump in between.
  • Write down all queries raised by Prospect. Keep writing don’t answer in between (let him vomit/speak out).
  • If Prospect is not asking queries, provoke him to do so. Praise 1 or 2 queries raised by him.
  • Keep your MIND & EARS open, this will help you in Diagnosing the REASON why Prospect raised such query & then you can easily give the Solution.
  • Don’t get offended by his queries, keep a 🙂 on your face.
  • Be Confident while talking.
  • Don’t try to Convince, just Share
  • SLAP with a KISS – if prospect says he don’t have money, ask him from how much time he’s working. For example – he says from 5 years. You reply, don’t mind(this is a KISS, before Slap), but you are working from 5 years but still you don’t have $500(for example- joining amount) extra(this is a SLAP after Kiss)

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  • Use FFF (Feel, Felt, Found) – say even I was Feeling same that I don’t have sufficient money to start. Then I Felt that it’s not that much big amount to arrange for my Dreams & once I tried arranging it I Found it was easy arranging the amount & now it’s paying me off really well. Feel, Felt, Found theory is like relating with your Prospect.
  • Remember: You have to bring the mindset of the Prospect towards MAKING PAYMENT, once he’s ready don’t talk unnecessary stuff till sign up is made.
  • Always ask Open ended Questions.
  • You Buy so much in life, this is just like any other expenditure
  • Answer what Prospect wants to listen, not what you want to say.
  • Don’t fear/panic from questions from Prospect.

How to Increase Sales – Killer Closing Techniques

  • $1000 Per Month, working for 40 years – share this stunning example with prospect. For example – prospect is earning $1000 per month, he will work from age of 20/25 to 60/65, that means prospect will work for total of approx 40 years. Now let’s calculate approx total number of months in lifetime prospect will work – 40(number of years prospect will work) x 12(number of months in a year) = 480 months prospect will work in his whole lifetime.

Calculating lifetime income of prospect

$1000 x 480 = $480,000

Tell the prospect this is what he will be making working whole life, it’s not what he’s getting in hand today. How much he will spend from it? His expenditures – family expenditure, bills, taxes, child’s education fees, and so many other expenditures. Almost nothing will be saved!! Then how the hell he can think of fulfilling of his Dreams. And what kind of lifestyle he & his family will have?

  • Income from different source is better than 1 source
  • You need Stepney (back up) in life
  • What are the options you have? – ask your prospect a Direct question!
  • Minimize the value of $500(For example- joining amount) What can be done with $500 in a year
  • Either you make MONEY or EXCUSE, you cannot make both
  • Either you take the pain today or for the rest of your life
  • Relate how other Successful Leaders achieved Success, who are from similar field as your Prospect
  • You can tell some Stories of Successful Leaders in your Network Marketing company
  • Write all his Dreams on 1 side & $500(For example – joining amount) on other side & ask what’s more important to him
  • You have to DECIDE only on 1 thing: Whether you want  to CHANGE your & your Family’s Life or not ?

“The more you do Business Presentations & CLOSINGS the more you LEARN,

I have learnt: On Job Training is more helpful than Theoretical Training.”

To Conclude

Above are the Closing Techniques I use will help & many other answering their query How to Increase Sales in Network Marketing. If you use & try it again & again soon you will get mastery over it & surely you will get solution to a common question people have How to Increase Sales 😉

When someone says Network Marketing is Sales Business, here’s a fitting reply!


Do Share these mind blowing Closing Techniques with your Teams to help them grow the business!

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