Prospecting is a Lifeline for any Networking Business, unless you are having huge team, this should be a routine.

The most important thing to be taken care while prospecting is that its purpose is to generate curiosity within the prospect and start building a relationship, a bond with him. The most common mistake done by Networker is pitching the opportunity on the first sight. Always remember in Network Marketing “People Join People”, not the Company. Recall that day when you enrolled in your Networking opportunity, you joined because of some person you met that day, you didn’t joined ‘X’, “Y” or “Z” company. And people will only join you if they know you, believe you and have trust you.

I am always asked how we should do the prospecting, what are the ways to generate leads. So I thought to share the stuff in one single article and I hope the below information will help in Exploding your Network Marketing business.


AeroLeads is a prospecting and lead generation software which can be used to find emails and phone number of any business user instantly. With AeroLeads chrome plugin, you can build your lead list in minutes and can transfer it to Salesforce or any other CRM or marketing software. It does have a free trial too!

List of prospects can be helpful to boost your lead generation with outbound outreach. Moreover, you can use sales automation platforms like to quickly contact as many prospects you want, plus you can schedule the email later as well!

Online Classifieds

This is one of my favorite place through which till date I have generated countless leads on a regular basis and it helped me in building globally. There are many free classified website where you can post your ads, but for me most effective have been:,,,

Newspaper Ad

The conventional, effective and simple way to generate leads. Give an ad in any good local newspaper ad. This technique results in serious people inquiring. People reading the newspaper take it seriously and have more weight than other techniques.

SMS Blast

You can even go with SMS Blast and shoot the SMS to your Target audience. This method has always grabbed more eye-balls than any other technique. The simple reason is whenever someone gets a SMS they tend to check it at that point in time. Whereas its not same with online ads or newspaper ads.

Social Media

Don’t even think to ignore this!! This is the HOT stuff. Today with the growth of social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, etc. its highly recommended to manage you Profile on these website’s, which will in turn give you frequent and continuous enquirers. To have a look, visit my profile on Facebook and Twitter. Check out how to Generate Leads using Social Media.

Article Marketing and Guest Blogging

If you don’t have your Blog then you can write articles for other’s who have one as a Guest Blogger and leave you details in PS(Post Script). This is a win-win situation to both the host and you, as the host will get the fresh content for the blog which is always welcomed by the search engines and for you, if someone reads you article and gets some value and you are able to impress the reader then the details in PS could get you leads. Check How I use PS in some of my articles.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you can spend few bucks then you must try with PPC, this is a great way to get targeted leads. You can go for Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, currently these are the two best option in PPC category.

Video Marketing

It is the cutting-edge technique to promote/brand yourself. If you can provide good Value to the people then you must go with this technique, wherein you will showcase your knowledge and talk with the people directly and will be able to transfer you message in a more efficient way. It was also help you in connecting well with your audience and hence building the relationship will be easy. There are free website to host your video like Youtube, Vimeo. But if you like to have an Impact on your audience and make your video look professional in your inbox with complete customization and branding it would highly suggest you the paid service provided by My Video Talk.

Respond to Bulk E-Mails

We all get email with lots of email ids in “TO”, “CC” container in email. Just click on “Reply to all” and write in some good prospecting pitch and the mail will be sent to all and you may get some good leads.
Note: using this technique don’t write in big, bold and colored fonts and neither give away the presentation on first mail. You first mail should be to create curiosity.

Join Better Networker

Better Networker is a one stop destination for all the Network Marketer’s where you can directly get in touch with Networker’s from various parts of the Globe. This could be a great destination for you as you will get people who are already in the same industry and are like minded having common interests and goals.

Business Cards and Flyer’s

Conventional method but still effective. You can distribute the flyers in local newspaper at very nominal charge. And business cards can be distributed to people at various places, like it could be kept at ATM’s, most visited stationery/ration shop in your area.
Note: these business cards will be promotional cards, not professional ones. For example – these cards will have your name, contact number, email, a promotional website and 1-2 Punch Line(s).

Email Signature and Auto Responders

As already discussed that we all get bulk mails on daily basis, so setting up Auto Responders and Email Signature is a good technique to prospect on auto pilot mode.

Write up behind you Vehicle

This may sound a bit crazy but I have seen many Networker’s who have some piece of Punch Line along with their contact number on the rear mirror of their car, even I had it sometime back and I got few leads as well 😉

If you want to prospect people specially in your society/locality this could be a great technique, as they always see you car whenever you drive, and seeing something on rear mirror will definitely create curiosity 😀

Attraction Marketing

How about being a Magnet and attract prospects. Well this is the talk of the town. It involves branding yourself by providing Value to people. Learn how to Use Attraction Marketing to generate endless Leads.

Always remember to give some time to any technique you go with to see the results. There’s no magic wand, it may take some time before it start showing results. But if you follow and perform required action consistently and persistently then you will definitely get good leads.

If you find this article helpful share it with your fellow Networker’s to help them as well and if you have more to share on Techniques for Prospecting and Lead generation kindly share them below in the Comment box and help the reader’s.


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