Did you know that you can Sign Up Prospects using WhatsApp 😉 This may sound bit wired or you may feel I have gone nuts. But it’s very much possible to Sign Up Prospects using WhatsApp. These days so many people using WhatsApp, this application has become a vital tool for many businesses. In network marketing business Prospecting and Follow Up are 2 important activities one need to do on regular bases & WhatApp can be of immense use for doing both.

How WhatsApp can help you to Sign Up Prospects?

In 21st century, when there are so many new Technologies coming up, it’s very important for you to be aware about all new developments. There are so many technologies & tools you can use to grow your network marketing business. Today I will share about 1 such application “WhatsApp” – a cross platform messaging / chatting software, which works on smart phones using internet.

Before knowing how you can sign up prospects using WhatsApp, you must know that Prospects sign’s up in network marketing business if they have good Rapport with you. If the Prospects trust you, they believe you, chances of sign up increase a lot.

Prospecting and Follow Up using WhatsApp

You yourself must be using WhatsApp to communication with your near & dear one. Chatting with friends, making different groups & much more. You can even use WhatsApp to frequently communicate with your Prospects, build a good rapport with them & then finally show your network marketing business opportunity to them.

Note: Prospecting means talking with people, “Finding out what can be their need”, “Telling them about their need”, “Giving solution how your business can help them”.

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Not only you can Prospect, you can even Follow Up the one who had seen the plan. But make sure not to get behind them. Your prospects should not feel you are after them, maintain your Posture, don’t let them know you need them. Build good rapport with them. Have general healthy discussion with them, KNOW THEM, it’s important. Discuss about “What they like”, “How they spend their spare time”, “What are their hobbies”, “How’s their life going”, etc.

Once you had build a healthy relation with them, there after even if you ask them to get into your business & work with you, many people won’t mind that. But as soon as you see you prospects on WhatsApp & straight away you send them MLM Pitches or ask them to join you, they will just block you. Forget about joining with you. This is what many newbie’s do.

I am seeing these days along with Facebook & other Social Media websites, WhatsApp has become another crazy phenomenon where people love to socialize. Chatting on WhatsApp is fast, you receive the message on your mobile & can immediately reply back. And as per study it’s proven people reply more to WhatsApp message in comparison to normal SMS. So it’s great way to do network marketing prospecting.

Tip: WhatsApp allows you to post a status message. You can post some catchy message here, like – Earning in $$$$ sitting in India, contact me to know how 😀

To Conclude

I would strongly recommend you to start using WhatsApp if you are not doing so. If you are already using it, them get more sincere & follow a strategized approach. Always remember to sign up prospects it’s important that you have good rapport with them. For this there are various Prospecting and Follow Up tools & WhatsApp is 1 of the best. And always maintain your Posture while doing network marketing prospecting.

Let us know what other ways you use for sign up prospects, network marketing prospecting & follow up? Comment below…

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