Today morning when I woke up & I was checking the Emails there was an email from Quora. The subject line of the email was: Can you answer this question? I opened the email & the questions were – “Is network marketing good or bad to start one’s career?”

Following is the screenshot of the question asked by someone on Quora:

network marketing as a career

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Is network marketing a good career?

I think this is a very common question that comes to mind when we get started with a network marketing career. Even I had this same concern – Whether I should do Network Marketing business full time or part.

I was into a job of Web Designing & SEO when I was introduced to Network Marketing by my good friend. For the initial few days, I didn’t understand much what the business is all about & what needs to be done.

I joined the business because my friend was also doing it & he shared something with me, so I joined. But gradually in a few weeks, I was able to realize that something very big can be done by taking a network marketing career option.

Hence, I was wondering in my mind if I should do the business full time & leave my 9-6 job. But a question was again & again tickling in my mind – Is network marketing a good career? Soon I convinced myself that I should do the business full time & leave my job.

Then I had to convince my family as well. Once the family agreed, I asked my Employer as well that I was to quit a job, so that I could fully devote my time & efforts to the Network Marketing business.

My Employer was very supportive, within a few days he allowed me to quit & follow my passion. But,

My Decision to do Network Marketing Full Time was totally Wrong!

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It happens with many people who get into Network Marketing business, they see other people making Huge Money, then they tend to get motivated & some of them leave their current occupation & take network marketing career for full time. Now, this is totally wrong, because,

  • People you see on stage are making that much money, not within a few days or weeks or months. It took them a few years to reach that level. There may be some exceptions who start making Huge income quickly, but I am sure that doesn’t happen for long for them.

Simple because people with a little experience they cannot maintain & sustain the Network for long. They will make mistake, learn with experience & later they shall earn steady & consistent income.

  • Secondly, in your current profession, you are able to make the income which you are making today, is because of the hard work & the industry knowledge & skill you gained after putting many years of dedication into it.

The same was Network Marketing is also like any other serious business. You need the knowledge & skill, obviously with the same dedication to getting success.

If you are thinking to jump into a network marketing career as Full Time & leave your current profession behind & expect to make Huge income within a few months, in 99% cases it won’t happen.

  • When you close your Primary source of Income & expect you match that income with Network Marketing income (without much experience into Network Marketing), then you are doing injustice to yourself & your family.

In such situations, people who get into it full time, in most cases tend to leave the business in the next few months or maximum a year (if you have that much savings to survive).

The reason is- when you have made a Network Marketing career as your bread & butter, then you want regular weekly or monthly income to survive. This won’t happen unless you are experienced. The mistake you will make is- you will try to make every person join your team. And you will lose Posture.

You will even force your teammates to build the business fast. You will get desperate for business. And this will clearly reflect your prospects & your team. As a result of it, people will start avoiding you.

Slowly, you will question yourself- Is network marketing a good career? You will feel the business is not working, prospects are not joining, your team is not working, and Network Marketing is bad. Better to leave it & get into your old profession.

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Choosing Network Marketing as a Full-Time Career without any prior experience is a Bad decision!

Here, I am not saying by any means the industry is bad. I cannot say that. It’s just people who need to learn the right way of doing the business. Please don’t expect to earn a huge income from Day 1 when it’s your Learning time.

1st-grade student don’t earn Thousands or Millions for at least next 10 years (leaving some exceptions)

When you get into network marketing for 1st time the same is the case with you. There is so much to learn. Today even after being into the business for over 5 years I feel there is so much to learn.

A word for all Uplines out there – Protect Network Marketing Career

Your upline & your higher upline in most cases will motivate you to do the business full time. Obviously they want everyone in their team to give a number of hours towards the business.

Unfortunately, they also don’t know that this strategy will backfire for them as well in the long run because in most cases when your teammate is not making enough money, he will not be able to stay in the business for long.

Therefore, you have to keep Recruiting new people. It’s quite a foolish way of doing the business!

To Conclude

In this article I have not given any direct reply to the question – Is network marketing a good career?

Simply because 100% Yes, a network marketing career is a great option. Network Marketing is a smart business. A smart way to achieve financial freedom, but it only works if you do the business in the right way.

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki to know why network marketing is one of the best career options to opt for.

Make sure your focus for 1st 6 months is to learn the business. Whatever you earn in that period is Bonus. Once you have to say 2 years of experience & you start making good money & have a decent number of people in your team, then you can think of doing the business full time.

Let me know in the Comments section below if you have ever had this doubt in your mind? Or also comment if your though varies from mine. Would love to discuss more it!

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