As a business model Network Marketing has been in existence for over 50 years. However recently it has become a viable option for average people to build a successful home business.

Here’s a list of some major factors that answers, YES it is!!


The major block in starting a Business is Huge Capital. One need to invest Big amount to start a Business. The good news is to start a Network Marketing business you don’t have to go to the Bank to take the loan and start the business 😉

A Network Marketing business can be started with as low as $50, therefore, it allows people from all income level in the society to get in.


To get into Network Marketing you don’t need to be a ‘Top Shot’ in any X industry. We don’t restrict people from entering this industry, checking their mark sheets, previous experience, etc. Network Marketing welcomes people with both arms wide open and further trains and educates the new comers to help them grow and succeed.


Its one of the best reward one gets getting into Network Marketing. All good network marketing companies have a lot of personal development with their trainings and help you grow as an individual. It helps you to relief blocks, pessimism, and transform situation right away and become a leader and coach to yourself, ultimately able to contribute and help others to use their talents, enthusiasm, wisdom and expertise to make a long-lasting and affirmative influence.


If you get associated with a good company which is running internationally you have the option to take the business globally, and the evolution of Internet has made it more easy. Adding to it, if the company you are associated with deals in some ‘Virtual product’, then even if you go for vacation you can establish the business there, which is not possible in traditional business.


There is no set limit on the income you can earn. In Network marketing business the income you can earn is entirely up to you. If you have the dedication and stamina for this business, chances are good that you can create a life changing income. Here your income is not dependent only on YOU. Once you create a Huge Network, afterwards you get the benefit of the people working within your Network. Adding to it Network Marketing works on the most powerful principal on planet earth, i.e. LEVERAGE. It’s the same principle on which all the Big business man work and earn Huge income, i.e., compounding other people’s Time, Money, Effort and Skill.


It means you don’t have to ask for permission to go on a vacation with your family and friends, wake up in the morning when you like, have you lunch when you want, not when the boss decides, it means you are controlling your life, rather than doing things when your Job or Business allows you. And its only possible to think of Time Freedom if you have sufficient money with you, and honestly speaking Network Marketing has the potential to maintain that in you Bank Account even if you are not working after initial hard work you have done in your Network Marketing business.


Some good Network Marketing companies offer the Nomination clause, which is very important to appreciate the efforts you have done for the company. Now comparing it with any other profession, you are paid till the time you are working. Taking an example, you were ‘Top Shot’ in your X position in your organization, but if due to some reason (personal reason) you are not able to work for lets say an year, will your company pay you? Obviously the answer is NO. But in Network Marketing once you have build the Network, you or your Nominee will get the income, because people in your Network are working.

To Conclude

YES, Network Marketing is the Best Business Model. If someone really wants to enjoy the life to the fullest this industry is worth giving a try and if done seriously with consistency and persistency within few years any person can achieve his/her Goals and enjoy Financial Freedom and Time Freedom.


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