Many times I have seen people underestimate the important principal of network marketing business, i.e. List Building. But let me tell you that List Building or making a Contact List of the people you know is highly important so that no name gets missed & you can share the business with each & every person you know.

Not only that if you do list building & prepare a contact list you can even add new names of people you get in contact with while prospecting & you can increase your contact list. Your contact list is the RAW MATERIAL in your network marketing business.

How to start list building?

I teach my team to buy a new register, to start with at initial pages paste the photo of God you believe in. On next page paste the photo of your Dreams, then start making contact list. And write down the Names of all the people you know, along with their Mobile Number, Email id’s, Address, your Relation with them, Market (Hot/Warm/Cold), Date of Presentation, Date of Follow up.

Keep this Golden Rule in mind while making your Contact List


The biggest challenge for you while list building is not to prejudge whether the other person will join or not. This is the biggest problem, when people start making their contact list they prejudge too much. I have seen people giving themselves all the reason why the other person will or might not join & they don’t write down the names of all the people in their contact list.

The other person doesn’t not have time, or don’t have money, or don’t need money, he cannot do this business, I cannot tell the other person about this business, what will people think, he has already done mlm & didn’t succeeded, she will make fun of me, he doesn’t know much people, I know her she’s my friend it’s not her cup of tea, and so on ..

All such crap reasons people give or think of while they are in the process of list building. They tend to presume every situation at their end & take the decision of their prospects own their own. Moreover what can be worse, you are prejudging your prospect & someone else showed the plan to that prospect & that prospect joined in some other team 🙁

My Dear Friend, let me tell you very clearly that if you are prejudging, then might be that person itself can be the biggest sale producer for your business, but because you haven’t shared the business with them you lose that opportunity.

If you think – what people will think about you, then what will people think?

Read the above quote again!

Don’t bother much about people, no matter whatever you do, you do any job or any business people always have something or the other to say & comment upon. It’s you who have to decide what way you want your life to be like. No one will help you live the kind of life you want to live. Only YOU can Help Yourself!!

Importance of List Building & making a Contact List

  • Once you have your list handy & ready with you, you can quickly start the invitation to your people & start the sharing the business opportunity with them.
  • Now if you had followed the above mentioned Golden rule & didn’t prejudged anyone while list building surely you must be having hundreds of names in your contact list. Hence while taking with people your Posture(prospects will not think you need them) will be maintained.
  • Over a period of few days you will end up talking & sharing the business opportunity with so many people because you had written all the names in the contact list. I have seen people who don’t make the contact list, after taking with 10 – 15 people they think their list is over. I pity them, this is totally insane!
  • If you have made your contact list you can show it to your teammates & then you need not to say much to them, they will also make it as it’s the business of Monkey See, Monkey Do, i.e. Duplication(VERY IMPORTANT).

Learn Here: What is Duplication

Ideas that can help you in List building & increasing your contact list

Contact List Ideas

You just need to recall all the people you have met till date & write their names in your contact list. To recall people in you contact list you can use some memory joggers like:

  • Your mobile phone list
  • Your email id
  • Facebook, Twitter & other social media accounts
  • Old Visiting card that you must be having of people you met somewhere
  • Take out old photographs
  • People you invited for marriage, parties & other occasions
  • Your high school, college colleagues
  • Your previous, current office colleagues
  • Your previous, current neighborhood people
  • Your Relatives, Friends
  • Professionals you know like – Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, etc.
  • Learn Prospecting & increase your contact list everyday

A study says that a normal human being by the time he/she reaches 21 years of age, he/she knows at least 200 people. Still you think you don’t know much people, God Bless You 🙂

To Conclude

Starting the list building procedure seems very easy or even useless, but it’s highly important to make the contact list so that you don’t miss anyone & showcase the business opportunity to as many people as possible. But while making contact list always make sure you are not prejudging anyone.

The more number of people you have in your contact list, more secure you are.