Handling the objection in the MLM business is extremely crucial. If you don’t learn this skill I say straight on your face – You cannot succeed in MLM. Objections are bound to arise, in MLM business we deal with humans and as a human nature we tend to oppose anything new thing that comes our way. Prospects give raise objections, queries due to many reasons, genuine queries, low self esteem, fear of a rejection, ignorance based on hearsay facts. You need to realize what’s the reason behind the objection raised and that can be known only by talking with them.

So be prepared to handle the objection. At the same time I would like to say that if you are equipped with knowledge about your company and the industry Objection handling in MLM could be a great fun. Personally I love answering and clarifying the objections that are being raised by the prospects.

10 things to consider while Handling MLM Objections and Follow Up

Are you Confident or Arrogant?

If you believe in the network marketing opportunity you are presenting, you will definitely be boosted up during and after the presentation. Having belief and confidence is good as well as important, but care must be taken that you don’t get arrogant. You are not there to fight with the prospect but your purpose is to make him bypass the hurdle. Hence always ensure that you are confident when you are talking with the prospect but not arrogant.

Be a good Listener

This is one of the most important thing you should learn. I have seen many people talking with the prospect after the presentations and it seems they are recalling the script they read somewhere. You must listen very carefully to what your prospect is saying, what is his real query. If a prospect is raising a query you can only resolve it if you have heard what he has said. This is not something which can be improved in a day, this is like on job training, after reading this paragraph, whenever you will talk with your prospect you will be consciously listening to what your prospect is saying and over a period of time you can definitely improve.

Don’t Beg

Please don’t use this word “PLEASE”. I have seen people requesting their prospect to join. I HATE using this word “please” and requesting my prospect to join. Why to beg the prospects to join your mlm opportunity. If that prospect don’t joins so what, some one else will join, if the next prospect doesn’t joins, no problem my friend some one else will join. But I don’t use this word, neither beg any prospect to join. Rather when you get in requesting mode in front of the prospect your prospect will find you the wrong person to be with. Either they will feel that they also have to do the same or they will realize how weak business man you are. And no one like to join with such people. Just put yourself in the prospect’s shoe and imagine if someone is requesting you to join a business opportunity would you join. You will not join because in MLM people join people and when they find you incompetent they will never join you. Always remember you are the Giver not Taker. You are providing a solution to most of their problems. Simply I would like to say maintain your POSTURE.

“You cannot beg anyone to become a Millionaire”

Questions are the Answers

After a deep research and study Allan Pease in his one of the famous book on Network Marketing “Questions are The Answers” explained that the answer to the queries and objections raised by the prospect is within their questions. I will share a small example how to implement it.

Here’s the conversation between prospect and you after the business opportunity presentation:

Prospect: I liked everything, but I don’t have time.
You: Why do you think you don’t have time?
Prospect: umm .. I got to my job in the morning and come late and hardly get time.
You: then when do you think you will get time for yourself? Did you had time 5 years ago?
Prospect: No.
You: You don’t have time today as well, what’s the guarantee you will have time 5 years later. Look Mr.X time is always managed. When Amitabh Bachchan can work for 15 hours a day, don’t you have that hunger.
Don’t you care for your family? For your kids, wife, or parents? Do you want to give them ordinary life?? Is managing 12 to 15 hours a week bigger then their needs??
Prospect: Yes, I can.

If you note in the above conversation prospect himself is replying to his question and giving a solution to it.

Always be truthful

You should never mis-lead anyone and should be truthful and honest in your approach. When the foundation/base is strong the final outcome will definitely be appreciable. Don’t lie just to make a person join with you, this will not serve you for long. And always remember Network marketing is not the industry to be in for short term gains, it is to Create Wealth and that is only possible in long term.

We are Networkers not Salesman

I would like to continue with where I stopped in last paragraph, you are here for long term. You aim should not be to make a person join and leave him. That what a Salesman does but Networker builds relationship. Major difference between a Networker and a Salesman after sales is in most cases salesman doesn’t bother once sales is made, but as a Networker when someone joins you the woks has just begun there, it’s the starting point of a new assignment for you. You have to help the person who joined in your team and ensure his success. So never lie or mis guide for short term gains, you might end up signing up someone like that, but it will definitely not serve you in long run.

Don’t argue and maintain you temper

Sometimes you may meet prospect who are aggressive or even some may test your temper, but its important to maintain you temper and be cool headed, and never get into argument with the prospect. You may WIN or LOSE the argument but in such case you will loose the Prospect as his ego will be hurt.

Slap with a Kiss

I am neither saying to slap a prospect, neither to kiss 😉

But this approach should be used to give the message to the prospect which you cannot directly. Sometimes you may want to hurt the ego of the prospect a bit, you can do it with this approach followed by an immediate softness/politeness.
For example – your prospect says that he doesn’t have the money and he’s in a job for 5+ years, or even 2-3 years …
You to prospect: Mr.X don’t mind but if you are working from 2 years and you don’t even have $300 extra/spare, you think you are on the right track.
Here “don’t mind” is a kiss, before hurting the ego of the prospect you have made a cushion for yourself to say something which will hurt your prospect. And “if you are working from 2 years and you don’t even have $300 extra/spare, you think you are on the right track” is a slap, which will give him the message that what ever he’s doing might not be the correct thing. If today he doesn’t not have $300 extra/spare then what if he need $1000 in emergency? This is what the prospect may think and hence help him in taking the decision.

Explain Positioning

Always explain positioning to the prospect after the objection handling is done, this must be done. Positioning is explained for urgency of payment. Draw the diagram and explain him that you may get benefit for our efforts, if you delay your positioning you can lose one or more prospects. And this is very true also, I have seen people taking position few hours before another end up in having a team size 5 times of the people taking the position few hours after them. (the above figure I mentioned is after 4 years of both the joinees in the business).

Use Feel, Felt and Found

This is one of the most effective technique. People always want themselves to be related with someone. And using this technique does exactly the same.
Example: prospect raised an objection – I doubt whether someone will need this Product.
Mr.X initially I also had same feeling that who will use this product, but then I got into the details and understood the product properly and felt that there are many potential user for this product and today I found so many people using these products.
People like Mr.A, Mr.B, Mr.C … are using this product and are very happy.

Use all these pointers while handling the objection and follow up and you will see the more number of prospects getting converted.

If there are some techniques which you want to share, write in the Comment box below.

PS: Always remember MLM is totally a number game. I follow 5 SW’s and rejections never bother me. Some Will join, Some Won’t join, So What, Someone is Waiting, So lets Work. 😀


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