The above Title say’s it all.

Everyone faces the CHALLENGES (I prefer saying it Challenges, rather than Problems) while he’s on the journey to Success, but the WINNER will be the one who overcomes it and stays there till he has WON.

I’ll share a small Story which will help you understand the correct meaning and importance of staying till the end.

I love the story about the high school basketball coach who was attempting to motivate his players to persevere through a difficult season. Halfway through the season he stood before the team and said:

“Did Micheal Jordan ever quit?” The team responded,”No!”

He yelled,”What about Wright brothers? Did they ever give up?” “No!” hollered back the team.

“Did Muhammad Ali ever quit?” Again the team yelled, “No!”

“Did Elmer McAllister ever quit?” There was a long silence. Finally, one player was bold enough to ask,”Who’s Elmer McAllister? We’ve never heard of him.”

The coach snapped back,”Of course you’ve never heard of him – HE QUIT !”

No matter what, you have to be there when Success comes to You, else you will keep complaining that it doesn’t work. Don’t get demotivated of short term failures, its part of the game 😉 The Game get’s interesting when you get a Challenge, its the time to Enjoy not to Quit !


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