Network Marketing TRANSFORMING Life’s

Few days back I attended a Network Marketing Seminar in New Delhi, India and there I heard few Mind Boggling stories. I saw how the industry is growing day by day and changing people’s life’s. I saw people starting from nowhere and now they are Millionaire, all thanks to this wonderful industry.

A 23 year old kid who use to ride a Bike, within 2 years in the industry drives his own Sedan Car. An MBA passout within 3 years earning weekly income what other MBA’s earn in a Year, YES I am serious no kidding here. A 21 year old student already Financially Free. This industry is just crazy, UNEXPECTED happens here 😉

But today I won’t be sharing about all that, I will share what stunned me. I heard the story of 2 people:


I met him there and got a change to exchange few experiences. And I came to know this guy is a Web Designer by profession but was not at all satisfy with the profession because of limited scope in the industry because of high competition. Now he’s so relaxed to get into Network Marketing where he know all his Dreams he had ever Dreamt of will be fulfilled and was so generous to thank that person who showed him this path. He told me that he wanted to go abroad, so few years ago he had shown his hand to an astrologer asking about when it can happen. But unfortunately after seeing his hand the astrologer said “You will never go abroad”. He got disappointed and never even applied for a Passport.

Guess what ?? He joined a Network Marketing company and at that time some promotion was there to qualify for an international trip. And within 2 months of joining the industry he got an opportunity to travel abroad. As I said early in this post – UNEXPECTED happens here !!


First of all let me tell you, I know him very well as he’s my good friend and now the person whom is like a GOD MESSENGER in my Life because it was HE, who introduced me to this wonderful industry – Network Marketing. I have no words to THANK him.

He got started with Network Marketing some time back, was very excited and even signed me up, without showing the plan 😛 Worked well initially but after some time I don’t know why but he was not giving the time, got busy with his job, in Share Market. But because he had signed up few people in his network and they were working, hence he got one cheque after the another and he was amazed. .. He asked me what this is happening, without working how these cheques are coming. Then he realized the small network he build earlier has started growing and now even he’s not working but still getting the income.

And that’s what I think maximum people join Network Marketing for. To build a network once and enjoy rest of their life.

Here’s a Video sharing by Mr.Balwant & Mr.Satinder:

My Dear Friends, if you want to learn Swimming you cannot learn it by reading books or sitting aside a pool. You have to dive in, in the same way you CANNOT understand and realize the true potential of this POWERFUL industry Network Marketing if you are not IN.

If you also want to change your life and live the life you have always Dreamt of, join a good Network Marketing company, stay there, work for atleast 4-5 years and you will end up getting everything you want.


PS: Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Please don’t start it by that frame of mind. You have to put in some time and effort initially. But that worth doing as it Transforms a man from ORDINARY 2 EXTRAORDINARY.


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