Hardly a day goes by when I don’t see someone talking about how “You shouldn’t make money your goal.”

“You shouldn’t make money your goal”, they say. “Don’t make it a goal to be rich.”

Here’s my take on this….

If someone said, “My goal is to be as PHYSICALLY healthy as I can be”….everyone would say, “That’s a great idea.”

If someone says, “I really want to focus on my EMOTIONAL health. I want to really make sure I’m not going through life bogged down by my past.”…..everyone would say “That’s a great idea.”

If someone says, “I want to be as SPIRITUALLY healthy as I can be….I really want to be at the top of my potential when it comes to spirituality”…….no one has a problem with that.

But the moment someone brings up a dollar…..

….everyone gets nervous. 🙂

If someone says, “I want to be as FINANCIALLY healthy as I can be. I really want to make sure that I’ve got lots of money and investments for my family to have a great lifestyle and security”…..

….everyone gets a somber face and starts saying, “Oh, you shouldn’t focus on being wealthy.” “Oh, you shouldn’t make money your goal.”

I think it’s funny.

Because most of the people who are issuing these dire warnings about “making money your goal” are NOT someone who’s qualified to give financial advice to others.

In most cases, if they lost their primary source of income, they couldn’t maintain their current lifestyle for more than 2 months.

For many of them, it would be less than 2 weeks.

Let’s give up this stupid, outdated and obsolete thinking that “money is not important”.

Of course money is important.

It’s as important as the food, shelter and medicine it buys….and the schools, stores and businesses it builds.

It’s incredibly important. And only a broke (or dishonest) person would tell you it’s NOT important.

“Well,” some will say. “It’s not as important as love.”

That’s another ridiculous comment. Whoever said it was?

Saying “money isn’t as important as love” is like someone saying “Your lungs aren’t as important as your heart.” Or, “Your arms aren’t as important as your legs.”

It’s ALL important!

Or someone will say “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

I have two thoughts on that one:

A. Money has bought a lot more happiness than poverty has.
B. It’s not actually money’s JOB to make you happy. It’s YOUR job to make you happy. Money is just the tool we use for buying what we need.

So, let’s get rid of this silly language that pretends that “money” is evil or wrong or bad…..or that there’s something evil, wrong or bad about wanting more of it.

Money is neutral. It’s not good or bad.

Water can kill you….or water can give you life. But we don’t see people warning us all about water.

Electricity can kill you….or it can make your life far better. But we don’t see people telling us that we shouldn’t have electricity.

And it’s the same with money.

“More money” simply makes you more of what you already are.

If you’re an evil, mean, nasty person…..money will make you intolerable to be around.

But if you’re a kind, generous, loving, wonderful person…..then having lots of money will give you an opportunity to be even MORE kind, generous, loving and wonderful.

The problem then, is not “money”.

The question is: “What kind of PERSON are you?”

Go get rich.

You’ll do more for the world by getting rich than you will by sitting around being broke and claiming to be righteous because of your poverty.


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