Success Mantra for Network Marketing Business

You must have searched online lot many times to find out about how you can get success in network marketing business. There is so much talk around this topic, so much has been written about it. Now without wasting single moment let me tell you the exact Formula for success in network marketing business:

Success in Network Marketing Business = Consistency x Persistency

Consistency means – Doing the same things again & again

Persistency means – Never Quit

My Dear Friend, it doesn’t matter which books you are reading, which training video’s you are watching, who is your upline, what your downlines does, or anything else.

Your Success in Network Marketing Business depends on YOU!!

And to be successful in network marketing business, you need to follow the above given formula, which is surety for success in network marketing business.

What does “Consistency” means?

Consistency is key to success in network marketing business

In network marketing business there are many activities that an individual performs, knowingly or un-knowingly.

For example, reading books, watching videos, attending trainings, going for seminars, inviting prospects, showing the presentation, follow up, using products, bonding meeting with team, list building, etc, etc.

Now you see I listed above some of the activities people do in network marketing business. The question is each & every activity is Productive? The Answer is obvious NO!! After Signing Up people tend to waste lot of time, as they don’t know what needs to be done next. They don’t have clear action plan for them to follow. They might be involved in doing some or the other activity mentioned above or some unproductive work & then they might feel after sometime why the results are not there.

What I want to convey is you need to Consistently do the Productive activity, if you want big time success in network marketing business. By no means I say that the activities mentioned above are not important, but at the same time one must KNOW & DO Productivities everyday for business growth.

Productive activities in network marketing business includes:

  1. Invitation
  2. Show The Plan
  3. Follow Up
  4. Training

When you are doing any of the above activity in your network marketing business, they you can consider you had done something productive in the day for the growth of you network marketing business. Else kindly don’t fool yourself!! I say so because these are 4 crucial activities in network marketing business that will help you succeed.

Tip: Utilize your Day Time smartly, don’t waste it doing stuff which can be done at night (when you cannot do invitation, show the plan, follow up, etc). Day Time should be maximum utilized for Inviting prospects, Showing the plan, Follow up’s, Trainings. And activities like – List Building, Watching Training Videos, Read Books can be done at night, when generally we don’t do other activities much. Manage your time smartly 🙂

What does “Persistency” means?

Never Quit network marketing business

Persistency simply means Not to Quit, irrespective of whether you are getting results or not. After doing all, productive & other activities in network marketing business still if you don’t get success it’s very easy to think that this business doesn’t work & leave it.

2 things are very easy in network marketing business. 1st is “Joining” network marketing business & 2nd is “Quitting” network marketing business.

Let me be very clear that this business is not a get rich quick system where overnight you can become rich. You need to master the skills if you want big time success in network marketing business.

Remember: Anyone you know who has achieved big time success in his profession it has not occurred overnight. That person has also worked day & night, had invested loads of time, had kept patience & belief. Challenges are part of life, they will come & go. The path to Success is never easy. The only things that will take you to Success is How badly you want to get success in network marketing business!! If you are mad, crazy person like me & many others who give it all to succeed, then you will surely get there. But don’t think things will happen automatically or overnight.

By no means have I meant that network marketing business is too touch, it’s simple, but not easy. Initially it takes time for a person to understand it & after sometime it becomes fun 😉


Success is not a cakewalk anywhere. And network marketing business is no different. But surely if you are Consistent & Persistent you will get successful in network marketing business. For some people it takes more time & efforts, for some it takes bit less time & efforts to succeed in network marketing business.

PS: Follow the above given Success Manta for network marketing business & Learn + Work with a good network marketing company for minimum 3 – 5 years, then measure your success rate 🙂

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