If you are in MLM Business you might have heard from someone, may be from your upline about Duplication. Many people who start with MLM Business initially don’t understand or realize much about what is Duplication. Once you have a team in your MLM business, it gets highly important for you to understand what is duplication?

What is Duplication in MLM Business?

what is duplication

Putting it in simple words, it means – whatever you do, your team does same. They will copy your acts. There is a saying in MLM industry about Duplication:

“MLM is a business of – Monkey See, Money Do”

“MLM business is copy cat marketing business”

Whatever you are doing in your MLM business remember your team is watching your activities. Whether you do right things or wrong things your team copies same. Whatever you want your team to do, first YOU have to do it, your team will automatically copy that.

How Duplication can Kill your MLM Business?

I have seen many times people who get started with MLM business they don’t at all understand this very important principal of mlm business. It takes them long before they understand to the core what is duplication? And by the time they understand in deep what is duplication, they might had unintentionally ruined some of their business.

Let’s take an Example:

Mr Sachin joined MLM business & within a day Sachin signed up his best buddy Mr Rahul in the mlm business.

Many people after getting started don’t take mlm business seriously. They give all the crap reasons – why they are not able to get involved in the business. In this example let’s assume Sachin is such person.

Sachin missed 4 out of 5 MLM Business seminar & gave some lame excuse. Rahul being his downline will make a mental note of it & further will do same. This is bound to happen because the downline does same what upline does.

Sachin not giving importance to training sessions, Sachin not doing invitations & presentations, again Rahul will note that & follow same. If Rahul is not self motivated person, or if he doesn’t take the initiative & pain to understand what is MLM business & why MLM business is important for him, probability is that Rahul might not take the business seriously because his buddy Sachin is not serious for the business. Mostly it’s “Money See, Monkey Do”.

Had Rahul got proper guidance he could have been a potential person in the business, but because his buddy/upline/sponsor Sachin is not serious in the business, Rahul as well takes the business lightly. This happens a lot in mlm business, I had seen many potential people are not able to perform & sit idle because their sponsor in the business was not much active, hence the downline takes the business for granted.

Let’s presume Sachin has created a Team but not supporting them properly. In such case Rahul will note & somewhere it will reflect in Rahul’s acts as well.

Although it’s expected from Rahul to be mature in the business & do what is right for his business growth. But again “MLM business is Copy cat marketing”, “Money See, Money Do”. Whatever upline does, downline follows same. Hard to digest but it’s a fact in mlm business.

How Duplication can take your MLM Business to new Heights?

You will only succeed in mlm business when your team does right & required things in the business. If you think you can sit at home after creating small team & direct them on phone let me tell you it will not work that way. You need to work on the ground level at initial stages of the business.

Here’s a Million $ Tip for You:

“People doesn’t do what you say, they do what you do”

So if you want your team should do regular prospecting, you must do it first. For example – when you are sitting in a coffee shop with your teammates around try to prospect someone, exchange business card, when you are at some public place try prospecting someone, exchange business cards. When your teammates watch you doing prospecting even they will do same, may be not same day, but surely they will do it.

If you keep asking your team again & again & again to make their Dream List, Contact list, have a vision board, your team might do it, might not do it. But if you show your team Your Dream list, Contact list, your vision board, they will surely duplicate that. Don’t forget it’s “Copy cat marketing” 😉

When your team see’s you doing invitations, doing presentations, coming to training events, you need not to say much to them. Your team will automatically do the same, Your Team always COPIES YOU!!

Even after building the team you are working at the ground level, helping you old & new teammates, your other teammates will do same.

I know a very successful mlm leader who got married & went to honeymoon & came back to work within 4-5 days. Although he could have afforded to stay away from the business for months. But a successful leader knows what is duplication & how it can make or break his mlm business. Had he been away from the business for 20 days his other leaders, when get married, might even go for honeymoon with their wifes for long period 😛

It’s all about leading by example, setting benchmarks for your team to follow!!

To Conclude

In mlm business whatever downlines see their uplines doing, they copy that & do same. If you have a team it’s important for you to do the right things so that your team does the right things. Understanding what is duplication is key to avoid unnecessary blunders what people do when they get started.

Share this important information with your Team so that they understand the important principal in the business & understand what is duplication & it’s importance in MLM Business.

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