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This Article is in continuation to the last one, i.e. – What is MLM or What is Multi Level Marketing. Where I shared about how MLM / Multi Level Marketing business model is beneficial for both Companies & Customers. If you have not yet read the previous article on What is Multi Level Marketing, you can read it here.

In this article I will share about how MLM / Multi Level Marketing business model works.

What is Multi Level Marketing Business Model like?

In MLM / Multi Level Marketing when a person purchases the product from an Independent Representation (IR) of the company, on purchase that person gets the Distribution Rights for the products. And when he further promotes the products, or you can say when the sale for the company happens because of that person, company shares some part of the profit with him.

MLM / Multi Level Marketing business model have various Incomes, like when you introduce a person you get certain amount. Generally this is termed as “Direct Bonus”. Then on further product promotion to few more people you get some amount.

Thereafter when the people who gets in your Team / in your organization, when they further promotes the product of the company, that person also makes money because of whom product for the company got sold & because that person is in your Team / Organization, company even shares the profit with You as well, this is called Team Income.

And once you have a Big Team, you can expect some crazy money on regular bases. That’s the power of MLM / Multi Level Marketing Business.

Following images depicts how a MLM / Multi Level Marketing business model looks like:

What is Multi Level Marketing structure

As shown in the above structure, that’s how the placements are made in the MLM / Multi Level Marketing business model. Now if you are thinking about making chains, members, pyramids, etc. Then what will you say about this:

It’s the graphical representation & whatever structure you make on paper it will look like this.

What is Multi Level Marketing?

The most important thing about MLM / Multi Level Marketing business model is that you can have hundreds & thousands of people or even more working for you, with you. Without you paying them salary & you get the benefit of their Time, Effort & Skill. And that’s the way to make Big time Money, when you have people working with you.

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To Conclude

MLM / Multi Level Marketing is a simply way of promoting the products of a company. Company don’t had to spend on advertisements & a person because of whom the product gets sold company simply pay him & people associated with him, as per the predefined business model.

What is Multi Level Marketing & its business model has been defined the best business model by Top Economist & Financial Advisor – Mr.Robert Kiyosaki, for a Common Man for achieving Financial Freedom.

I hope by now you understand What is Multi Level Marketing. So here is a proven Success Formula for you to Succeed in Multi Level Marketing – Success Mantra

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