Today I am going to talk about one of the most important aspect that’s required to Succeed in Network Marketing and i.e. – TRAINING/LEARNING attitude.

I know almost everyone will agree with this, that it’s important to learn to succeed, but many people who join the business don’t take that pain to learn the basics of the business. It’s the DUTY of the Sponsor to ensure that the person who joined with him should get the basic training within 24hours to maximum 48hours, so that he/she should not make the mistake and should be equipped with the sufficient information and knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what’s your current profession, what’s your experience in life, how successful you are in your life, if you are not ready to LEARN, EDUCATE yourself, let me tell you straight – You cannot Succeed in this industry.

All good Network Marketing companies have a Basic Training program which educate a new joinee about the Company, Products/Services, Business, knowledge about the industry, how to talk to people.

You must have a HUNGER to LEARN LEARN LEARN & LEARN. Attend all the training sessions, all training events, all leadership development programs, online trainings, offline trainings, personal trainings. I even listen to the trainings while I am Driving 😉

Many times you join with a person who may be very younger to you in age, in such cases you have to keep all your experience and ego at your home and have to learn with him/her with an open mind, like a child. May be that person is younger to you in age, but he/she is much more older/experienced in the business.

Getting training is important, but at the same time its important to get trained from someone who’s already successful in the industry rather than learning from someone who’s amateur himself.

Something critical you must take note is – even if you have attended the training quite a few times DON’T MISS further trainings as well. If you think the trainer will be talking on the same topic again or you know all, then let me tell you, you are making a blunder. Because in each and every training session you learn something, every speaker has a different style, different content and different way of delivering the same content line. I even learn from people who are just few days old in the business. Hence you have to be always open to learn from anyone.

Some of the most important technique’s to learn to succeed in network marketing:

  • How to set your Goal
  • How to make a Contact List
  • Art of Invitation
  • Giving an Effective Presentation
  • How to Follow Up
  • Using Products/Services
  • Learning How to Teach

To conclude I will say – We learn so much in our life, a small child learns how to eat, how to walk, then when he grows he learns how to hold a pencil and so on. So if you want to earn MILLIONS & BILLIONS in network marketing you have to LEARN.



PS: To FAIL in Network Marketing you don’t need to make big mistakes, small mistakes are enough, and not learning and educating yourself about the business and the industry is one of them !!


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