I know you’re probably scratching your head on this one, but it is not a trick question!

Ask yourself at least ONCE.

Would YOU like to be YOUR Growline?

And if the answer is YES, you are on the right path, if it’s NO, then STOP whatever you are doing, sit with your active upline & find out why the answer has come out – NO, where is the lacking!! If you yourself are not willing to have people like you in your growline then simply it means that you are not doing the necessary things required to be successful in the business.

Are you the one who complains about spillover, upline support or how tough the business is?

If Yes, then probably    you are the one who’s loosing out the most as you are shifting your FOCUS from growing the business to complaining about the challenges that any business has. As a result very soon you may find yourself to be the person who WAS in the business and just because of your immature acts you are no longer there.

Are you the one who plans how much you are going to do, talks about how much you are going to do, or, someone who actually does something?

It’s very important to Plan about the things you are going to do. But it’s more important to take ACTION. If you are just doing the planning & talking then PLEASE take some Action also. Don’t try to be perfect in every aspect before trying it out. After all you cannot learn Swimming by just sitting on the Couch.

ACTION is Foundational key to all Success.

Do you have faith in the Business you are recommending to others?

If the answer to this question is No, then I am sorry to say, but my friends the first thing you have to do is strengthen your BELIEF in the business. Your prospects are not fools, they can’t read it. If you are not convinced about the business your whole body language changes and this reflects to your prospects.

Are you Over Dependent on your Upline?

Taking support from an experienced person in the business is a good, but to what extent?? After signing up your motive should be to be independent, i.e. learn the basics of the business as soon as possible and do the it independently. One should not be dependent on the upline for small things like showing the Presentation’s & etc.

First become a person of VALUE, with whom people would love to connect. Then you don’t have to run behind prospects and ask them to join you, rather it would be the other way round.


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